The seventh league takes form as teams qualify for next season of the ESL Pro League
Here are the three North American teams that qualified for Season 7 of the ESL Pro League

It has been a spectacular term of Counter Strike, in which teams faced off to determine who would be going on to be a part of ESL Pro League 7 set to kick off next month. EU relegation had to be postponed until further notice due to Godsent experiencing travel issues. However, the NA relegation matches went ahead as scheduled.

First off, in the MDL play-in match, SoaR Gaming defeated Rise Nation to clench their victory and a direct spot in the North American Pro League. This left Rogue, Ghost Gaming, Rise Nation and GX, in relegation to lock horns for a spot in the NA Pro League, which was determined in a four team, double-elimination bracket with BO3 maps.

After they had all played BO3 bouts and the dust_de was settled, only 2 teams stood tall. Rogue and Ghost Gaming; re-earning their previously stripped Pro League spots, defeated Rise Nation and GX in the course of the tournament.

Match Results

  • Soar Gaming 2 - Rise Nation 1 (SG win: Map 1 Mirage 19-16, RN win: Map 2 Inferno 16-7, SG win: Map 3 Train 16-12)
  • Rogue 2 - GX 0 (Map 1 Inferno 16-6, Map 2 Mirage 16-9)
  • Ghost Gaming 2 - Rogue 0 (Map 1 Cobblestone 16-11, Map 2 Overpass 16-7)
  • Rise Nation 0 - Rogue 2 (Map 1 Mirage 19-17, Map 2 Inferno 16-13)
  • Rise Nation 1 - Ghost Gaming 2 (GG win: Map 1 Nuke 16-13, RN win: Map 2 Train 16-14, GG win: Map 3 Mirage 16-6)
  • GX 0 - Rise Nation 2 (Map 1 Inferno 16-14, Map 2 Mirage 16-10)

So, there we have it folks, congratulations to Soar Gaming, Ghost Gaming and Rogue, who in dominance, have earned coveted spots in ESL Pro League 7.

ESL Pro League 7 kicks off on the 13th February 2018 with some of the best CS:GO teams on the planet. Be sure to stay tuned to our page for more information on the EU Relegation matches, as well as follow ESL CS on Twitter and Facebook.

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