ESL League System

From Open to Pro

The ESL Pro League is a part of a bigger league system within ESL & ESEA and is directly tied into ESL Play and ESEA. It’s the highest league within the league system and has professional players and teams participating. Below the ESL Pro League you can find semi-professional teams who are looking for a way up the ladder. As ground base we have the ESL Open League as well as the ESEA Open division which is open to everyone, just signup and start playing. It’s a league for everyone who wants to play outside the in-game matchmaking and get into the competitive scene. Good luck and have fun.

ESL Pro League

The best teams from Europe and North America will compete in the ESL Pro League. The teams will face off in a round robin league separated into two divisions (Europe and North America) with twelve teams in each of them. This means that all teams within the region will face off against each other twice per season. Teams will play their matches over several weeks in a best of 1 format. Each match will be streamed for all CSGO fans to watch.

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